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127 North Minnesota St. New Ulm, Minnesota 56073

Guten Tag Haus » Meet The Owner

In the spring of 2006 the Guten Tag Haus was sold to Al Stabenow, a longtime patron of this unique store. Speaking fluent German and being a loyal member of the German-American Institute in the Cities, Al was a good fit for the store. His passion enabled him to lead the store into a new era. He has added many products, including a myriad of custom New Ulm items to build to this store’s identity. He has kept this shop as a destination in New Ulm.

At the store we receive a lot of positive feedback. Al’s focus on New Ulm items has, as one patron put it, captured the “spirit” of New Ulm. Others will rant and rave about the flashbacks they have to Germany. Al has kept the identity of the store strong and the quality high.

Our goal is not only excellence in customer service, but also helping you make the most of your visit to New Ulm. We love giving advice and information about this city and its landmarks; so feel free to stop by and ask us about Hermann!

If you see something in the store and want it delivered just let us know and we will get it shipped right to you!